Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Last week I took my mother-in-law to her CPA's office to deliver her tax information so the CPA could prepare her return. On Monday I was sent to collect the return.

Took me about 30 minutes to get there because the Interstate is under construction for widening. I thought to myself that fit in with the rest of my morning. Because I had already enjoyed emotions of disappointment and frustration.

I arrived at the office and introduced myself. The receptionist remembered me. "You're the son-in-law right?" she said as she left her station to find our preparer. And when he arrived we warmly greeted each other with hearty handshake and "good to see you" salutations.

There was a "but" though. Apparently there is a law or a rule or whatever courtesy of the United States government that prohibits handing over someone's tax information without their express, written permission.

He was extremely apologetic. When he said he was sorry I replied "I am getting used to wasted trips" in my best self-pitying whine.

Continuing to feel sorry for myself and allowing the increasing frustration to build into anger I climbed back into my car and proceeded to tell the Lord all about how awful I had been treated.

I guess I thought He might like to know. I am sure if I were pushed I would admit on one hand to wanting some fire from heaven to obliterate the entire nest of accountants. On the other hand I suppose I was hoping for a little sympathy.

But the Lord said to me "Is it really possible to inconvenience a servant?" No, it was not an audible voice. That thought just popped in my mind all of a sudden. That's the way it happens for me a lot of times.

I laughed at myself then. My anger evaporated. My frustration changed to peace. My self-pity turned to playful mirth. I actually laughed out loud in the car.

I love the question.

The answer is pretty obvious I think. As long as the servant is about his master's business then the master might be inconvenienced but not the servant.

Who is my master?

The Lord Jesus is my master.

Before He purchased my freedom I was enslaved to a cruel master. But the Lord Jesus bought my freedom at a great price to Himself. He set me free. He did not make me do anything. Yet there is nothing I want more than to serve Him and to love Him and obey Him.

It is unappealing to be a servant in our culture. Servants generally are thrown in with the poor and the meek and the washers of feet.

Servants rejoice in their Masters and not in themselves.


Lori1955 said...

I love it! God really does have a sense of humor and I think He likes to make us laugh at ourselves.

Actually I like the idea of being a servant. After all, we were servants as caregivers and found great purpose in that.

susie mccoll said...

That is really great. It would definitely change my outlook on things if i considered myself a servant of the Lord.....but ususally I'm in self-centered (or more kid-centered perhaps) mode.