Saturday, April 4, 2009

For Our Horses

We have one horse actually that has to eat grass hay in small square bales. He has COPD.

Those small, square bales are hard to get by the way. The big round bales have mold and dust and stuff. So the vet says we should feed the small ones if possible.

So I hunted on the Internet for square hay bale feeder and found this place:

I sent this image to a friend of mine and his reply was "That looks pretty good lol. If I was a horse. I would use it." Made me LOL.

Well, I guess it is too early to know yet if the horse is going to like the thing.

The purpose is to keep the hay off the ground and to not waste anymore than necessary. That's our purpose. The horse may not see it exactly the same way.


Lori1955 said...

That does look pretty cool. Hope the horse likes it.

nancy said...

it does look like a wonderful idea. i can't image why he wouldn't like it. makes sense to me...

~Betsy said...

Our horses would eat hay anywhere, whether it on the ground or in a holder!

Have you checked with the vet about medications to help with the breathing problems? Our pony has issues too and I keep a med on hand called Dexamethasone (sp). It isn't terribly expensive and does the trick when he really struggles with breathing. Seems to be the humid days when he he has the hardest time.

flintysooner said...

Betsy - we have antihistamine we have to give him every day and we've had to move him farther back from the road. Also, no big bales of hay.

This little square bale feeder is great. Before I was having to put out a bale just about every day for him and he'd waste a lot of it. The Vet didn't like him eating off the ground because of the COPD, too.

But now it looks like I'm going to make 1 bale last 3 days with virtually no waste. And it is easier for me to put the bale in the feeder. Although it isn't something Judy could do.

We're having a terrible time getting the small bales. It is irritating because we raise the big alfalfa bales right here.

This same horse has had an eye injury and we had to have him at the Vet for 2 months and they had him on IV for a long while. Before that he had a foot injury.

But he's fine now except for the COPD. I'll tell Judy about the med you use. Hot days are the worst here.

Stacey said...

Can I just say it's a pretty funny thing to think of the Mr.Fritts of my childhood having horses at all, let alone ones that can only eat square bales... :)