Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thoughts on King Saul - Part 3

Another couple of things and I'll let this subject go.

Saul was the King and he was chosen by God. But he and his administration was not Godly by any stretch of the imagination. It is certainly not the only time in Scripture where we learn something similar.

But it is worth reminding ourselves that all power does come from God and is used by God for His purposes even when it is not Godly.

It is also worth remembering that just because God's called us that doesn't mean everything we do is right or even pleasing.

David's response to Saul's attempts to kill him is also instructive.

David recognized Saul as King and was appropriately respectful and subservient. At the same time he defended himself against the King. Saul tried to kill his opposition but was never able. David, the very opposition, could have killed Saul several times but did not.

I think it would be interesting to think about this in the context of civil disobedience.

Also interesting to note that David was chosen as Saul's replacement but it did not happen immediately and it was a really hard go for David for a while.

Ok. I'm done with it.


Lori1955 said...

As I said before, I have a difficult time understanding God's choice when it come's to Saul. Actually I have a difficult time understanding God as He is portrayed in the Old Testament. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on that sometime.

Lori1955 said...

One more thing. Now that you are through with Saul can you give me your thoughts some time on Job? I'm not telling you what to read (well I guess I am. LOL) but that's another one I have a hard time with.

flintysooner said...


Job 42:5,6 is the verse that God used to open my eyes to the reality of His Kingdom.

I was struggling with why such bad things happen to such good people and had been reading Job obsessively for a while.

One day though I read those 2 verses and suddenly my eyes could see the Kingdom.

I will blog about Job sometime.

susie mccoll said...

Meant to tell you that our pastor used that Job verse last week. I thought of you.....
I finished Ezra this morning...moving on to Nehemiah tomorrow. Can't wait for Esther. I like being in these 10 ch. books compared to the long haul of 36 ch. books like the Chronicles.