Friday, April 24, 2009


I saw this mattress and box springs on the side of the road.

I felt the anger rise within me. In the little movie theater that exists in my mind I watched someone deliberately pull up in a pickup and throw off the unwanted bedding. Anger was becoming rage.

Then the movie changed and the pickup morphed into an old car with the mattress and box spring tied on top. There was a man and woman in the front and two children in the back and the car was filled with all sorts of stuff. It was a very poor family that was moving and the mattress and box springs tore loose in the wind as I watched and landed on the road. The man pulled off and hey all tried to get the load back on the car. They gave up in tears and desperation and harsh words and pushed the items over to the side of the road.

The movie changed again and the car morphed into a truck and the mattress and box springs fell off the back while I was watching. The driver was oblivious and continued on his way. A following pickup stopped and the man driving got out and pushed the objects to the side of the road.

The rage had subsided and the movies had stopped and the screen was dark.

I realized I had no idea what happened that caused that mattress and box springs to be there on the side of that road.

Facts are facts but context makes all the difference.


susie mccoll said...

That is amazing......I don't think I would have thought twice about a mattress and boxsprings, but it brings to mind my new favorite quote: "Be kinder than necessary because you never know what someone is going through." (or something along those lines) Context.

Lori1955 said...

Very interesting thought process. I'm afraid I would have just jumped to your first conclusion and not gone beyond that. Makes one think though. Hmm.

~Betsy said...

Another thought provoking post by Flinty! Thanks! :)