Sunday, July 12, 2009

No Place

Sunday morning I watched the local political show that comes on just before "Meet The Press." "Flash Point" is its name.

There is a moderator who attempts a neutrality of sorts, a democrat, and a republican. Usually there is a guest. The "democrat" always says bad things about republicans. The republican responds and the democrat attacks back and so on. The democrat's attacks always seem personal to me.

Usually the republican guy tries to be less personal in his own attacks but sometimes he, too, slides into personal attacks. Maybe less frequently than the democrat I think but hard to measure.

But it is called "Flash Point" so it is certainly not surprising that the format is adversarial and hostile at that. And the democrat is an attorney and attorneys seem more adversarial to me in general than most folks. The republican is a businessman who served as mayor once.

I really do not like to say bad things about other people. I was thinking that this morning while I watched that show. I think the republican guy lost his last couple of elections probably because he isn't very good at saying bad things about other people. Others disagree with me of course.

The democrat is really good at it. But he lost his elections, too. Maybe he is just a bit too abrasive about it.

I guess there's a skill level to it. Some politicians are really good at it. Some not.

So in that way I don't find a place for me in the culture. I don't want to say bad things about anyone. That's not very popular right now. Nearly everyone it seems has something bad to say about everyone else.

I always wonder what they say about me to the next person that they meet. I bet you anything it is something bad though.

So I think there's no place for me at the proverbial table of political discourse.

Not that I think there should be really nor am I much interested anymore. It seems tiresome now to me. I've seen nearly all of this before now. My dad used to try to tell me this and I never could understand him. Finally I begin to see what he meant.


arutherford said...

Flinty, politicians haven't always been that way. When my Daddy was in politics, many of the congressman had recently come back from WWII and had a very different perspective.

In fact, Daddy's last opponent kept calling him something that really hurt me but now it seems so very tame--"a wishy-washy, go-along get-along congressman."

Oh for the days of people with integrity and decorum!

rilera said...

I agree with you. This behavior has spread to individuals too. It is frustrating to me that people can't agree to disagree; instead some feel that they must insult others who don't agree with their line of thinking. That is just wrong and I want no part of it.

Katmir said...

seems to me people have always been vocal despite what they agree or disagree with.... now tho, it's all so very public.

what i can't understand is how people embrace the 'more' of it. are we that bored?!


Lori1955 said...

It truly is sad that this seems to be the type of political debate that goes on these days. Politicians always say that they aren't going to go negative but eventually they do and the worst part is that it seems this is what the people want.

dave said...

I agree that this "I am right and you are an idiot" which goes into religion as well as politics is not productive, but in America it has a LONG history.
The early Pols did not have TV and media, but they said some pretty evil things about each other.
I to would like to see a change, but I do not have much hope.

nancy said...

i enjoyed your post. quite frequently i am with people who i may disagree with but i rarely voice my opinion as i don't want to get into an argument or heated debate. i just usually keep my mouth shut and say nothing. i have always been one who hates to make waves. i do think that some thrive on it though, which to me is sad.

~Betsy said...

A debate is one of the most important freedoms we have left in this country - freedom of speech.