Monday, July 20, 2009

Me When We Landed On The Moon

We were at my Aunt Larry's house watching the whole thing on TV 40 years ago.

I am the guy sitting in the chair. Apparently my pants are too short. My dear Judy says I still tend to want my pants too short.

From left to right behind me is my Aunt Ruth, cousin Brian, cousin Marilyn, Aunt Larry, and ex-wife Debbie.

I was 21.

Now I did not really remember this although I do have vague memories now that I've seen the photo.

Rather my brother who is our family historian and archivist sent the photo to via email with an explanation. As I study the photo the memory of the occasion does become less vague but it is hardly in focus.

He also sent a second image which I felt obligated to include on my blog entry. I started to say for posterity but that seems a little absurd to me.

But maybe no more absurd than landing on the Moon in the first place.

From left to right is my mother, Evelyn, and behind her by father, Alton. Seated next to him is his brother, my Uncle Vic. Next to Uncle Vic in the floor is my grandmother, Letitia. Directly behind my uncle is my cousin Pam and next to her is cousin Marilyn.

I think these are just treasures and I am so happy to have them again and to look at them and use them to spur my so very faulty memories of that time.

I had not yet gone off to boot camp nor had I graduated college. My wife was not yet pregnant with our first child. I think my cousins were still in high school then.

Really amazing photos.


arutherford said...

Aunt Larry? Please tell me what her real name is. ;-}

Forty years ago I had just gotten married, a divorce 12 yrs. later proved that was way too young. ;-}

Memories pressed between the pages of my mind....

rilera said...

These are awesome Terry, I'm so glad that you posted them.

I was six in 1969 and remember this event vaguely.

nancy said...

great pictures terry. the hairstyles and clothing brought back many memories. i believe i was around 15 at the time visiting a friend out in new york. i remember gathering around their TV as well to watch.

flintysooner said...

Aunt Larry's real name: Anna Lorraine.

She was every child's favorite aunt. She had no children of her own but loved every single child she came across. She taught Sunday school for years and every student knew she loved them.

She and her husband owned a grocery store for years so she was the wonderful source of many amazing coins and so many comic books and many other wonders too numerous to name.

Her husband had died just the previous year at the time of this photo. My dad and uncles had helped her move from Texas to be near her mother. Her house became the place for our many family get togethers.

I thought my elders were all so old then. But they were barely in their 50's. My grandmother was only 79.

arutherford said...

Thanks Terry. She sounds like a wonderful aunt. My father's sister worked at a drug store and would bring me home all sorts of "treasures." Sounds similar.