Friday, July 31, 2009

Lucia Whelan -- 911 Call

A few days ago I posted Black vs White, Police vs Citizen about an incident involving Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Cambridge, MA police officer, James Crowley.

I mentioned the name of the person whose call to 911 initiated the incident. And I also repeated what I had read about Whelan in news media stories.

Turns out that what I posted was wrong because the news media stories were wrong.

Now that's not really a shocking revelation to me because in every case about which I have personal knowledge and there is a media story there are factual inaccuracies in the latter. Several times I've been interviewed myself and then read the reporter's account of what I supposedly said only to be absolutely amazed at the inaccuracy.

Since my post though the original 911 call recording and transcript has been made public and Ms. Whelan has actually made public appearance(s).

It is obvious now in hindsight that Ms. Whelan did absolutely nothing wrong and should never have been so maligned as she was by all sorts of opiners.

That includes me even though I didn't say anything bad about her. I did repeat erroneous information and I wanted to correct that.

So apologies to Ms. Whelan.

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arutherford said...

A reporter was interviewing Daddy, trying to get some inside scoop on an upcoming bill that was to go before the House. Daddy would not give him any inside info. The reporter said, "Congressman, I have a midnight deadline for this story. If you don't tell me anything then I'll just have to make it up." And he did.

Daddy always said, it wasn't his opponent that was his opposition, it was the press.

Like all professions, there are some corrupt and amoral people who give the rest of the profession a bad repurtation. Politicians and police officers come to my mind.