Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life With Teenagers

My friend Dave with undoubtedly be delighted to learn that I have two teenage girls living at our house for a few days.

They are really good kids and we are enjoying them so much. But I have to say that they have caused quite a change in the patterns and habits of my daily life. It has been a very long while since I lived with a teenager.

The first thing I notice is just how boring and mundane is my life minus teenagers. Sometimes one doesn't understand these things until one is exposed to the exact opposite.

The second thing I notice is that there actually can be organized chaos.

The third thing is that teenage girls -- I think moreso than boys -- attempt to occupy and use all available and even potentially available space. This task they prove to be remarkably successful and capable of achieving. I believe if we had twice the space or half the space the result would be the same.

They're pretty good cooks though. And that's good because they eat a lot. We were totally unprepared for just how much a lot is. We don't even buy bread period. So we thought buying one loaf was quite a lot. We've had to return to the store for more and I notice that loaf is nearly depleted now.

Apparently they live more at night though and I live more in the day time. That's another big difference.

But what a treat.


Lori1955 said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the girls. I'm not sure if being around young people makes you feel young again or makes you feel old. I think it's a little of both.

~Betsy said...

I love having our house full of teenagers and young folks - but I sure understand what you mean about the food. Enjoy!

nancy said...

i too understand about the food. thanks for the reality check though. i thought it was just boys who ate alot!