Saturday, May 16, 2009

My new favorite place to sit

Last night we used the gas grill for the first time on the patio at the "new" house - which isn't very new even to us anymore.

I cleaned up one of the really old, white, springy chairs from Dad's house and I sat in it while cooking the chicken breasts and hamburger patties.

This is one of two chairs I kept from the porch of the old house. This is one I used to sit in next to Dad while he sat in his recliner. And before Mom died we all three would sit together but that was still my chair.

I couldn't help but think that it would have been rather nice for them to be sitting there next to me.

On Thursday the technician from the sound place finally got the Proficient M6 whole house sound deal mostly working. (Mostly is the key word as it still is not 100%. One must wonder about the company's name because they certainly have not proven proficient thus far.) I clicked on the FM tuner button on the patio control and listened to classical music thanks to KCSC 90.1 FM which is a great station for classical I might add.

We wanted baked potatoes but we always forget you have to plan ahead to bake a potato. Not to worry though because the new microwave has a "speed cook" feature. Except I didn't know what that meant. But as I've reported ignorance has never stopped me. Fortunately the microwave anticipated my ignorance and told me what to do.

It flashed on the screen to put in the black pan. We had to find the black pan and rinse it off. I wasn't aware that our microwave came with a black pan but it did. So I put it inside and this put 2 large potatoes on it. I continued following directions (from the microwave - can you believe that?) and 17 minutes later we had baked potatoes.

There is this lamp thing that comes on every so often and apparently helps cook the potatoes. The skins are a little crinkly and the insides were perfect for my taste anyway.

Actually I thought they were better than baked in a conventional oven. Maybe not quite as good as wrapped in foil and buried in coals but, hey, you sometimes have to compromised. I would post a picture but I ate the potato.

Then we enjoyed more storms and rain coming through our town. The storms continued past my bedtime so I am not sure when they stopped.

Life cannot be much better than this.


rilera said...

Sounds to me like you have found contentment. I'm happy to hear it. Hold on to that feeling Terry.

Lori1955 said...

There's a house I drive by every once in a while that has 2 of those chairs sitting out front. It always reminds me of my childhood. Do they even make those chairs anymore?

I find it very very amusing that as savy as you are about electronic stuff, that you had to have the microwave teach you what to do. Of course I'm very impressed that you followed the directions. It seems most men hate to follow directions. :)

You do sound very content in your home. It sounds like you had a very peaceful day. I hope they are all like that.

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

I love those chairs. And I don't believe you can find them anymore either, sad to say. There is something to be said for stuff like that that has stood the test of time. I know I won't get the same usage out of my plastic chairs I bought a couple of years ago.

Your meal sounds fantastic. Now my tummy is growling. Time to order pizza.

Staci said...

I'm glad that you kept the chair; I think it probably adds to the peace you feel!

I noticed that Lowe's is selling a similar chair to these - but they aren't quite the same as the old ones. How could they be - they don't have any history such as yours has.

arutherford said...

Oh Flinty, my grandmother used to have 2 of those same chairs on her front porch in south TX and a miniature one for me. Every few summers we would sand them down and repaint them. The older I got the more paint got on the chairs; the less on me. ;-}

Oh how I wish I had those chairs on my front porch. What a comfort to sit in one again.

Did someone say they have some at Lowe's? Humm. Probably not made nearly as well but a thought. Maybe I'll go check them out. ;-}

Stacey said...

i love "memory stories"!
but i must say i kept getting distracted by your grill picture... Dad or my Jason needs to get you a Weber! :)

~Betsy said...

Sounds like a wonderful meal and even more wonderful with fond memories of those chairs! My grandparents also had these on their back patio. I think I'll check them out at Lowe's.

~Betsy said...

I found these online - $35 in blue or green. Hmmm.