Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This is Bucky.

He drives me absolutely nuts.

For one thing he tries to bite me a lot. He did bite my hand once. Didn't really hurt me but made me move my hand for sure. In fairness he bites other things besides me including horses, people and inanimate objects. I have no idea why.

Then he picks on the younger mare. This irritates me. When I reprimand him for doing this he ignores me.

He just gets into stuff, too. Like yesterday we noticed that he had caught part of his mane in something and actually pulled a hunk of it off. He looked like he had a Mohawk haircut or something.

But the thing he does that most aggravates me is the way he eats.

He takes his head and pulls his chin into his body in a kind of sweeping motion inside the feed trough. Naturally this scatters oats and pellets and sweet feed all over ground under his trough.

I don't know why this makes me so angry. It is wasteful but my emotion seems a little beyond what that warrants.

And, no, the other horses do not do this. Only Bucky.

If I am standing over there I yell at him "Bucky, stop that!" He looks up at me usually and judges whether or not I might be able to do anything to him. And usually I cannot get him so he kind of gives me a look like "catch me if you can dude!"

Another thing he does regarding eating is that he will leave his trough and come over to the girls' trough to see if they have something better. They don't of course but while he is over there he will eat some of it. Often when he does this I will be standing there and I will say to him "Bucky! Get back over to your feeder." If I say it loudly enough and forceful enough then he will look at me and turn around and go back over to his feeder.

So you see he knows what I'm telling him.

I've tried talking to him about quadratic equations and philosophy and stuff like that but I don't think he cares.


¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

Bucky sounds like a stinker, although he is a beautiful horse.

Have a wonderful day today, Flinty.

Lori1955 said...

Sounds like Bucky is your problem child. Don't you just hate it when your kids don't show you any respect? :)

~Betsy said...

Bucky is your thorn for sure! Don't you love it? Ha!

Just a thought - have you had his teeth checked? Sometimes horses drop grain when their teeth have an issue. It wouldn't explain him eating the girls' food, but it might explain some of his other issues. As I said, just a thought!

rilera said...

Bucky is my kind of horse, a rebel, a free spirit!