Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Chink in the Kindle - $9.99 boycott

Tuesday I noticed that one of my favorite authors had a new book out. John Sandford's 2009 novel, Wicked Prey, was available from Amazon.

So I went first thing to buy it for my Kindle.

And there I was reading the 2 reviews about the book and wondering how the reviewers read it so quickly and then got their reviews posted. And that's when I noticed the price: $15.37.

Now most of you who have been reading my blogs for a while know that I would not let that price deter me from purchasing the product based on cost alone. I've shared too much for anyone to have that idea of me.

When I bought the Kindle though most of the books were $9.99 or less. In fact, that was a selling point about the Kindle. You buy a digital version and save some money. Some people think it might be environmentally friendly, too; but, I haven't really researched that aspect.

Excuse me but $15.37 is considerably above $9.99. So I checked the price for the hardback from Amazon: $16.77. Then I checked Barnes and Noble: $18.16 or $16.34 depending upon membership status. The latter is with free shipping, too. Amazon is free shipping for me as well.

I am not going to drive the 10 miles to check out the price in the actual Barnes and Noble store. Sorry Barnes and Noble.

So I can get the digital copy of the book for $1.40 less than the cost of the hardback book

I am not buying the book period!!

I've really enjoyed the Prey series by Sandford. I've purchased all of the previous 18 titles and a good many in hardback versions. I've purchased a second copy a few times. I had no idea the last one I read might be the last one ever.

I am not blaming Amazon by the way because Amazon does not set the price nor does the author. The price is established by the publisher. In this case that is Putnam which is part of Penguin apparently.

So I am not buying this book in any version. I am not buying anymore Putnam books and I'm going to try to avoid Penguin. And I am joining the $9.99 boycott for Kindle titles.

I didn't know about it until I became upset over this title but it turns out that quite a few publishers are trying to charge more than $9.99 for Kindle titles and quite a few users have begun tagging such books with "9.99boycott" to alert others.

If it means reading less or reading different authors then so be it.


Lori1955 said...

I guess these publishers think that now that people have spent the money for the Kindles, that they will spend the money for the books no matter what the cost. I hate being swindled and that's what this seems like to me. I hope the boycott works.

rilera said...

Interesting. iTunes has also raised the price on more popular music. It's not fair and it might kill the Kindle.

nancy said...

interesting post. i have been contemplating ordering a kindle for some time. i must say hearing this may make me wait to see what happens. i wonder if i'm alone in this thought. i will be watching....