Friday, February 27, 2009

Book: Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To

Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To:
Divine Answers to Life's Most Difficult Problems

by Anthony DeStefenao

I have my Kindle 2 sitting up against the screen of my lap top and taking the picture with my iPhone. Really can anyone get more geeky than that?

I did not think I would like this book beforehand and really had not intended to even buy it. But someone said nice things about it and there was a Kindle version and so I bought it. Saying I wasn't excited about it though would be a considerable understatement.

Not sure what I actually expected but what I got was different and surprising.

I knew from the first chapter that I was going to like the book because the first chapter set a tone that I found both true, familiar, and uplifting.

So it is not surprising is it that I should enjoy having my own belief reinforced? Now I do read opposing points of view and I do examine my own biases from time to time. But there are those fundamental truths that simply are incontrovertible. And, yes, I know we all have them and I know there is a group of people that holds the exact opposite of mine when it comes to God and prayer. And those folks won't enjoy this book nor will they appreciate it in the least.

The difference between enjoy and appreciate is another blog subject that I think I will address at some future date.

I am debating with myself about whether or not to list the ten prayers. I've compromised with myself and will list the chapters:
  1. I Wish I Could Believe
  2. Why Should I Get Involved?
  3. What's In It For Me?
  4. I Can't Take It Anymore?
  5. Am I A Terrible Person?
  6. This Stress Is Killing Me!
  7. Okay, I Admit It: I'm Afraid
  8. Sometimes Being Smart Just Isn't Enough
  9. Will I Ever Be Happy Again?
  10. Why Am I Here, Anyway?
Each chapter then has an associated prayer that DeStefenao says God always answers "yes." For instance, first chapter, "I Wish I Could Believe," is the condition that is addressed by the prayer "God, show me that You exist."

DeStefenao states in the Acknowledgments section of the book (near the end) that his background is Catholic but that he tried to make the book acceptable to all Christians and to people of all faiths.

I think he did pretty well and I found the book both enjoyable and helpful.


Lori1955 said...

I wrote down the title and author. This sounds like it is right up my alley. Thanks.

Staci said...

Sounds like a great book! (You possibly could have been more geeky if you Kindle was reading to you, from top of your laptop, while you were taking the picture with the I-Phone??) But I don't know! Have a good weekend!