Monday, February 23, 2009

Book: Stanley Tam's Incredible Adventures with God

Stanley Tam's Incredible Adventures with God
as told to Ken Anderson

A friend gave this book to me on Monday, February 23rd. I was at Starbucks and we were visiting. We'd just looked at Romans 12:1 and he said he had a book he wanted to give me out in his truck. He left and found the book and gave it to me and his only request was that when I finished I should pass it on to someone else.

My attention immediately went to Ken Anderson's name and I said "I know that name but I can't remember how." So I looked him up as soon as I could and found that he was the founder of Gospel Films which eventually became Gospel Communications (GCN). And the significance of that is that my son and I worked for several ministries that were hosted by GCN during the early days of the Internet.

Small world if you believe in coincidences or maybe more than coincidence if you believe in an actively participating personal God.

I enjoyed this book so much or at least the 1/2 I read until I felt the need to give it away to someone I thought would benefit more than I would.

The book opens with a story about young Stanley selling a Model T he rebuilt to a fellow for $75 except the guy only pays him $25 and a promise. The fellow doesn't keep the promise either. The rest of the first chapter then is a preview of the entire book which is just as the title describes it.

The first chapter ends with Tam meeting a fellow who was referred by another mutual friend. The fellow tells Tam that their friend had told him that Tam had changed the friend's life and he wanted to meet him personally. Tam leads the man to a relationship with Jesus Christ. It turns out the man has a terminal disease and Tam helps him until he dies. Several times the man tells Tam that if only he had met Tam earlier in life that things would have been so much better for him. It is not until after his death that Tam reveals that this was the same man that did not pay the remaining $50 for the Model T.

The rest of the book is about Stanley Tam's personal and business life and his ever growing dependence upon The Lord. Eventually Tam creates a business and makes God the 100% owner. The first attorney he asks to do the legal work refuses but finally he finds someone willing to do it.

It is a fascinating and inspiring book on so many levels. It will not be believed or appreciated by everyone but for those of us who actually have met and heard the Savior it is a wonderful book.

Copies of the book are available from the U S Plastics web site.

Or if anyone wants a copy and will email me privately with your address and shipping information I will send you one.

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Lori1955 said...

I'll have to check this out. I'm always looking for a good book.