Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Short Sleeves

Recently someone told me that short sleeve shirts are kind of lower class. I didn't know this. Really. No one before had ever told me.

I've been wearing short sleeve shirts a long while, too.

Now I will admit that I haven't bought any short sleeves in the last few years. I just cut the long sleeves off of my dress shirts and had them hemmed. Worked for me.

I wonder if living in a place where it gets in the high 90's and low 100's changes your opinion of short sleeves?

Of course there are those who would say that my short sleeve shirt wearing only serves to confirm their already long held opinion of my lower class status. They would say that I am the only one surprised by such revelation.

Then again I think "they" believe that just about all of us who live in "flyover country" are lower class. And I guess they believe that those of us here in Oklahoma are about as low as low class gets.

Well -- there you have it.


Lori1955 said...

Too funny. I hope that doesn't go for women too. Of course living in the desert as I do, we have what we call desert casual. So short sleeve shirts and shorts are always in style. I suppose that wearing actual shirts versus t-shirts is what separates the classes there. :)

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

This post reminded me of a conversation between two older gentlemen at the bar the other day. They were talking about someone's kid and one of them remarked how he never served in the military. Obviously by not serving, this made this young man not worthy in this man's eyes.

Where people get off by classifying someone in their method of dress or if they ever wore a uniform is beyond me. How did we ever get so petty?

arutherford said...

I was curious about the meaning of class so I went to dictionary.com. As you might guess, there were several (25 to be exact) definitions but the two that seemed to fit this situation best was "the system of dividing society" and "social rank."

The only time someone uses the word class in the context you're talking about is when they feel inferior. ;-} Also, I've been with the rich and famous and seen "low-class" behavior. I've also been with the poor and unknown and seen "high class" behavior.

Anonymous said...

Well I just asked my spiffy husband what he thought. He wears short sleeved shirts with his slacks and with shorts. He also wears Polo type golf shirts with the same.

He said that at a "dress for success" seminar back 20 years ago, short sleeved shirts were a no no for business meetings. Otherwise, they were perfectly appropriate. And after living in DFW for 12 years, and San Antonio for 9 years, the heat of the region does wear you down, and you go for comfort.

His question was, "Who is telling him this and why would they have any credibility?"

So, since he and I and you are the same age, we say go for it and ignore the rest. They don't matter.

Susan M