Saturday, June 20, 2009

Message On White Board

The other day my granddaughter and her family took a little trip. Her parents planned it as a surprise for the children and swore me to secrecy.

So one day my daughter-in-law came down to meet my son at the office under some pretense or another. The kids suspected something but really didn't know what.

I think I had to leave before they did. When I arrived at the office the next morning I found this note on the white board.

I took a picture with my iPhone.


dave said...

Frame it. Emily's grow up very fast. Mine sure has.

arutherford said...

Absolutely precious! So glad you took a picture. There's just nothing like the love between grandchildren and their grandparents!

Katmir said...

i live for a day like that!! continued blessings.


nancy said...

i agree, that's what memories and life are all about.

rilera said...

What a wonderful thing! You have a great family.